I don’t want strangers knowing my location.

  • Why do you have strangers as friends on Facebook?

I don’t even want all of my Facebook friends to know my location.

  • Make lists to designate who can see your check-ins. Or who can’t see them. Go here, click ‘Create a List’ at the top.

I don’t want people to know where I am every moment of the day.

  • No one has to use Facebook Places. Check in only when you want people to know where you are. Or never.

I don’t want people tagging me in their check-ins.

  • Ok, this I understand, but it’s an easy fix. Go here, disable ‘Friends can check me in to places.

  • But remember, this is something your friends could do before Facebook Places existed, and can still do in regular status updates.

What if you say you’re going to be somewhere but then your friend checks you in at another location and gets you in trouble?

  • When News Feed began, there was a similar argument. “The date and time of my Facebook changes are going to be public? Crazy! What if I’m ditching class and someone sees I’m actually Facebooking? Ahh!” Guess what? It wasn’t an issue. Sure, there are a few cases here and there of people getting caught for something because of Facebook, but you probably shouldn’t be expecting your friends or the Internet to help you lie, anyway.

If I check in somewhere, people will know I’m not at home, and they will rob me.

  • Yeah, maybe. But if someone walked by your house and saw you weren’t home, they could rob you too. In the meantime, wouldn’t hurt to delete any potential robbers from your friends list…

I don’t want people to tag my house.

  • Again, I see the potential problem, I just think the issue is overblown. Before you add a place, Facebook reminds you to ask permission before sharing someone else’s personal information.

  • This won’t prevent malicious additions, but you have the option to flag a location as abusive. It could take awhile for action to be taken, but then again, so would trying to shut down a blog post or webpage where someone listed your name and address. For all you know, people have been checking in to your house on Foursquare for months now…