Today Rotten Tomatoes announced new Instant Personalization features that will show you what movies your Facebook friends like and what movies you might enjoy based on your other interests. It’s a good example of how our social networks can become more useful to us.

Another can be found on TripAdvisor. When you connect to the site using Facebook, you will see which of your friends have lived in, visited or can otherwise offer advice about a city. I love this idea, but I soon noticed that a few of my friends were not listed in places I knew they should have been.

Then it clicked.

A few months ago, when Facebook announced Instant Personalization, blogs and other media outlets ran with the story, “Even if you opt-out of Instant Personalization, your friends can share your information!” People were horrified and quickly went to uncheck every box under the “Info accessible through your friends” section.

But of course this sounded scary when no one had a tangible example of why they might want to share their info with applications or websites used by their friends.

Now perhaps it’s time to give it a second thought. Do you like giving your friends recommendations about restaurants or movies or travel spots? If so, go to your privacy settings and check more options under ‘Info accessible through your friends.”

If this idea is still horrifying to you, go there and uncheck everything.