I like to keep my Facebook Wall tidy. I delete all those one-line stories about pages I like, photos I comment on, walls I write on, etc. I used to have to X each of these stories out one-by-one. Then I got the Better Facebook plugin, which let me delete them at all once. Now Facebook itself is offering the option to not only delete the all activity, but to prevent future stories of this type completely. As a user, I appreciate this.

As a brand marketer, not as much. Part of the rationale for certain types of posts is knowing that fan actions have visibility to the rest of those people’s networks. Beyond aiming to please fans, I want my posts to get likes and comments so that my page gets more organic impressions. If Facebook makes it easier for users to hide all this activity in advance, the network effect is reduced.

Though I wonder if Facebook is still showing this activity in my friends’ News Feeds, just not displaying it on my wall…