This morning Facebook asked me if I want to see ‘Recommended Pages’ more or less often. Last year Recommended Pages were shown all the time based on an algorithm of what you had in your profile and other people’s common interests. Some suggestions were amusing, others mildly offensive.

As always, there were plenty of negative Facebook pages and blog posts about the feature.

Since then Facebook has been testing several different types of content in that right sidebar, and I don’t see Recommended Pages as often. When I do, it’s either because several of my friends like that page or because an admin has used the ‘Suggest to Friends’ option.

However, the pages appearing in the first screenshot seem directly related to my browsing. I was looking at the page for Saint Rocke, a music venue in Hermosa Beach. This formula might produce more relevant suggestions than last year’s attempt.

Facebook can, of course, see data on how many clicks those ‘Recommended Pages’ generate and track what happens after that, but it’s interesting to see them also collecting qualitative data by asking people’s preferences.