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My friend Michael Marantz and I collaborated cross-country Thursday night to create this video about how and why Egypt forced its people offline. Now, more than 70,000 people have watched it on YouTube and Vimeo.

When news broke that Egypt had shut down all Internet access, we decided the best thing we could do was help educate people about the situation and encourage them to spread awareness. We wanted to take advantage of the access to information and communications that Egypt was stripped of but we still had.

Since I live in LA and Michael lives in New York, we used Google Docs and Skype to collaborate on the piece. We gathered our information exclusively from online sources, checking Twitter for updates through the night. After the video was uploaded to YouTube at 6 a.m., L.A. time, we shared it with our networks and submitted it to Reddit. Since then we’ve watched it spread across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs and other social media.

The whole exercise has proven the power of the Internet, especially in the age of social media. Without it, the video could not have been made, let alone had the impact is has so far. Thank you to everyone who watched and shared it. The Internet is a great tool, but one that ultimately has power because of individuals.


As the year comes to a close and I reflect on the work I’ve done, I can’t help but think about how different Facebook was at the start of 2010.

Facebook’s own timeline isn’t very helpful, except to show that Facebook gained 200 million users since December 2009.  Even Flowtown, maker of many great infographics, failed to show just how much Facebook did this year. That’s why I put together this comprehensive, but probably still not complete, timeline of Facebook in 2010.

Some changes helped marketers, others seemed to be direct attacks against us. The introduction of the Open Graph Protocol and social plugins like the Like Button have, in only a few months, begun to reshape the face of the web. With Places and Deals, we have major new features to incorporate in our campaigns. We have more analytics about the Pages we manage and the apps we implement. We can share larger photos and Like our fans’ comments. And Facebook ad targeting is becoming increasingly more effective.

There were many other additions, tweaks and redesigns that have changed the way we all consume and interact with Facebook. It’s mind-blowing to think of what next year could hold.

But I’m excited to find out.

Facebook Timeline 2010






  • Added ability to create Events from the homepage
  • Launched, a simplified mobile version of the site that can be accessed free to international users with certain carriers
  • Changed the privacy settings dashboard in wake of controversy from the Open Graph and Instant Personalization announcements (Facebook claims to have simplified the process for controlling privacy, but the interface still needs work)







  • Announced Single Sign-On, which is like Facebook Connect for mobile apps
  • Introduced Deals, an addition that lets businesses offer coupons or other deals to people checking in with Facebook Places
  • Announced new Messages product, which combines text, chat and email to make communication more seamless. This feature has not been released to all users.